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GRIZZLY 40W CORDLESS LED WORK LIGHT / Industrial Heating Cooling Ventilation Distribution Fans Warehouse Australia / Fanmaster



Grizzly Lights are well protected with features such as voltage & limited-voltage protection, battery pack temperature protection, open and short circuit protection, as well as all forms of protection before and during the charging process.

Lens Optical Focus Technology
Light beam is more focused despite less lumens – giving you more light for less energy expended

What’s included
1 x Interchangeable slide-in battery system
100-240V input, 12 V, 1A output adaptor and Car Charger

Grizzly Light are a New Zealand owned & designed range of LED Work Lights that provides a unique style of the highest quality with Heavy Duty performance

  • Chip: CREE COB*
  • CCT*: 6500
  • IP Level: 65
  • Dimming: 1 click 100%; 2 click 50% brightness
  • Charging Time: 4 hours/battery
  • Discharging Time: 4 hours/2 batteries, 2 hours/1 battery
  • 100-240V input, 12 V, 1A output adaptor and Car Chargee

COB* stands for Chip-On-Board.
CCT* stands for Colour Temperature (measured in Kelvin).
IP65 Enclosure – IP rated as “dust tight” and protected against water projected from a nozzle.

  • Charging & Discharging Protection
  • High Temperature Protection

1 year warranty for parts, components & battery

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