Who is Heat Australia?

Heat Australia Pty Ltd was registered in 1999 as a supplier of Industrial Heaters. Following our first season supplying heaters, we were given the opportunity to also supply Industrial Fans, which now make up 80% of our business, we now have an extensive range of cooling, heating & ventilation equipment. The quality and performance of our products are second to none, and in combination with our customer service, has gained us an excellent reputation.


We see an opportunity to assist our customers to substantially increase Industrial Fans sales. Our core business is Australian-made fans but now we also search overseas for new and innovative fans and industrial products. We constantly trial new products and expand our product range with the best product available. Above all, our goal is to provide you with exceptional customer service.


We view ourselves as an extension of our customer’s networks. When an end user contacts us direct, we will resolve their technical problems and ask them to place the order at the nearest branch of our customer. Heat Australia can supply 95% of the fans available in the industrial market (including specials). If we are not your preferred supplier, please contact us anyway and check our prices! Other fan companies sell direct to the market. It is the same market as yours and effectively reducing your sales potential. Heat Australia is the only fan company that is totally dedicated to their customers.


We try to make your job easier. When you get a difficult application, contact us! We can liaise with your customer and after all the technical requirements have been resolved we will send you a summary of the application and the correct fan selection. We do our very best to support our customers in every way possible. Please support Heat Australia, so we can continue to work closely together to grow our businesses and provide you and your customers the very best fans and service in the industry


Meet the team

Founder & DirectorIan Wymer
General ManagerTroy Lopez
Accounts & AdministrationAngela Gampierakis
MarketingAlana Lopez
Sales & OperationsSarah Renshaw
SalesTony Frages
ManufacturingPaul McDonald
WarehousePaul McCoy