What Type of Industrial Heater Would Suit My Workshop?

FanmasterJuly 5, 2019

Did you know that cold working environments are not only unpleasant, they can also reduce productivity and be a health hazard? For

Portable Electric Heaters for Industrial Environments

FanmasterJune 13, 2019

Employers are expected to provide safe work environments, and this includes maintaining a suitable temperature. While there are no set regulations regarding

How Welding Fume Extractors Can Help Save Lives

FanmasterMay 9, 2019

Welding fumes – fine metal particles produced through welding that can be breathed in – have been classified as carcinogenic. This means

Portable Ventilators in Confined Workshop Spaces

FanmasterApril 4, 2019

Portable ventilators are ideal for improving air quality in confined spaces, removing dust, fumes and gases and circulating fresh air. Ventilating confined

How Warehouse Ventilation Could Save Your Business Money

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Are you maximising your warehouse ventilation? Ventilation is basically the process of expelling stale or contaminated air to the outside, and then

How Industrial Coolers Work in Factories or Warehouses

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Factories and warehouses can get tremendously hot in the summer, due to a combination of high external temperatures and the heat given

Industrial Ventilation Systems for Your Warehouse or Factory

FanmasterDecember 12, 2018

In a nutshell, ventilation is a means of removing contaminated indoor air and replacing it with fresh. Good ventilation is important for

Evaporative Coolers: What are the Best Options?

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As the name suggests, evaporative coolers cool the air using evaporation. They work by circulating water through cooling ‘pads’ and distributing the

Choosing the Best Industrial Air Coolers for Your Workplace

FanmasterNovember 26, 2018

Warehouses, factories, workshops and other similar workspaces can get very hot and uncomfortable during the summer season. Industrial air coolers provide a

Types of Heating!

FanmasterMay 25, 2018

There are two types of heating – Radiant Heating & Space Heating. Depending on your application will determine the type of heater