Multi-Wing Impellers

World Leaders

We have access to a world leader for impeller services in Mult-Wing who can assist in designing and configuring your required fan impeller for any application

Master Sourcing

20 Years of Experience

Master Sourcing is a division of an Australian owned company trading out of Shenzhen, China. We specialise in sourcing industrial & commercial equipment for Australian companies. We have available an excellent range of industrial & commercial fans, heaters and have access to other equipment such as multimeters, lunchroom appliances and battery chargers.

In most cases our prices are the same as buying direct from overseas factories due to our close alliances trading directly out of China. The added benefits of trading with an Australian company are:

  • Reduced warranty liability
  • Reduced quality liability
  • No language barrier
  • Spare parts and accessories available locally
  • Local service contracts can be negotiated.

If you have any requirement for fans, heaters or any other equipment, we can find the quality and price you require