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650mm Ebony Fan Parts

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Ebony fan spares

Model NoPartPart No.
EB 001Stand Base0411 0488
EB 002Standpipe0411 0505
EB 003Top Casting0411 0522
EB 004Motor0245 0166
EB 005Impeller0211 0654
EB 006Guards0411 0539
EB 007Wall Mount Bracket0411 0556
EB 008Motor Switch & Knob0411 0573
EB 009Standpipe Adjustment Knob0411 0590
EB 010Gearbox0411 0607
EB 011Oscillating Disc0411 0624
EB 012FE-45 Control Box 
EB 014Pull Cord Switch 
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