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WALL EXHAUST 500MM .55KW 240V / Industrial Heating Cooling Ventilation Distribution Fans Warehouse Australia / Fanmaster


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This Industrial Wall Exhaust Fan is made in our factory to order and provides many options for motor sizes and extraction rates. With sizes ranging from 300mm to 1200mm we calcualate the flow rate required to achive the result you are after for extraction based on the type of material being extracted and the volume of the space you are extracting from. Instrinsically safe models are availble on models 400mm in diameter and above.

Part No.#
Airflow (L/s)#
Motor (K/W)#
Current (A)#
Plug Connection#
Cooling Area (m2)#
Tank Size (L)#
Consumption (L/H)#
Fan Speed#
Weight (KG)#
Pack Dimensions (mm)#

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