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EVAPORATIVE AIR COOLER DOWNDRAFT- IDDAC-670 / Industrial Heating Cooling Ventilation Distribution Fans Warehouse Australia / Fanmaster

The Ouber IDDAC-670 is an industrial evaporative air cooler which utilises the natural process of using evaporation to cool the air. The IDDAC-670 uses a low wattage water pump to circulate water from the water tank on to four cooling pads, which in turn becomes very wet. The 1.1KW fan draws air from outside the unit through the damped pads. As it passes through the pads the air is cooled by evaporation.

Mounted externally and ducted into the area for cooling, the IDDAC-670 cooler has all 4 sides of air intake to increase the volume of air and a downdraft outlet to which the ducting is connected.

The IDDAC-670 is suitable in many commercial and industrial sites.

  • Downdraft air outlet
  • Low power consumption
  • Variable speed
  • 4 air inlets
  • Remote control & Control Panel
  • Plumbed in for continuous water supply
  • Auto clean function


Part No.IDDAC-670
Airflow (L/s)5000
Motor (K/W)1.1
Current (A)5
Plug Connection*hard wired
Cooling Area (m2)Up to 150
Tank Size (L)25
Consumption (L/H)20
Fan SpeedVariable
Weight (KG)69

1 Year

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